Triwon Technologies Services  addresses this need of software application (Civil & Defense areas) to manage, improve and expand their business processes / Operational commitments to maximize productivity/operational result at lower costs by improving visibility and control across departments. The pre-built solution focusses on enforcing discipline by channeling consistent information across business functions to help improve decision making.


The Suite is a business process-oriented web-eccentric solution that can be installed On-Premises to optimize the internal infrastructure, or on-Cloud within a secure, modern and reliable delivery framework, which does not call for a significant upfront investment in infrastructure.


Triwon reviewes available off-the-shelf solutions for supply-chain network design to determine whether any could meet the company’s needs. Unfortunately, the generic nature of these solutions quickly became apparent.  We realized they would be unable to incorporate the company’s real-life business constraints, including skewed demand profiles and constrained delivery times.  


As a result, we decided to create our own custom solution. The first step toward solving this complex challenge was to join company executives for several brainstorming sessions. The goal: define and agree on the company’s key drivers of manufacturing capacity and network costs.